Aug 2020

8 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Social Event Venue In Vancouver

Probably the most crucial decision an event planner can make is about the Social Events Hall, which allures all attention with its amazing décor, arrangement, wine and dines and party atmosphere! No doubt, entertainment, and cuisine are also crucial aspects, but it’s the venue that sets the scene. If you are looking for a social event hall in Vancouver for your upcoming special events, here are a few things you want to mull over:

Budget: Budget is always going to be the most crucial factor when choosing a venue for your social event. Nonetheless, the price of renting out the venue should fit your budget.

Space specifications: This’d include things such as space/room capacity (including exhibitor and lobby space if you’re planning a convention or meeting; load in/out amenities; and technical capabilities (like electrical, lighting, A/v, etc.).

Travel convenience: The location of the venue should be conveniently placed for your attendees & within a reasonable proximity; otherwise your event attendance may suffer.

Parking & nearness to transportation options: On-site or close by parking options for your guests are crucial. Moreover, proximity to airports & public transit is also vital if you’ve several guests who are not driving their own vehicle to the event. These are quite a necessary element for any social event hall in Vancouver.

Vendor limitations: Some event venues in Vancouver have a list of exclusive vendors that they’ll let to do work in their venue, it is good to ensure if you’re employing outside vendors that you can bring them into the venue & the venue will work alongside them without any objection.

Layout: Even though you will be finding your venue early in the event planning process, you will still wish to have a rough idea of what kind of activities you will be including, the amenities you will need, and the requirements of your team & attendees. While shortlisting your selection, acquire an illustration floor plan of each venue, and walk through your favorite at least once, making notes of crucial things such as where the outlets are & where AV equipment is or can be placed.

Accessible for people with disabilities: This’d include elevators, ramps and other facilities for guests with physical disabilities and also elderly guests who are not as mobile.

Top-notch customer service: Not just does the social event hall in Vancouver should be responsive to your requirements before the event, but it also needs to have sufficient support staff on-site all through the event to react to the needs & the request of your attendees.

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