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A once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding deserves all the pomp, pageantry, glory and splendor you can obtain and none does it better than Royal Palace Hall in Vancouver. Marvelous and splendid in outlook, the Royal Palace Hall is the perfect wedding hall, birthday party hall, reception hall and corporate events hall for that touch of style to lift your event above the ordinary.


The Royal Palace Hall is more than a venue for celebrations. It is the gateway to a wonderful experience for you as the host and an unparalleled, impressive one for guests. We take care of everything for you, manage the event, coordinate the flow and make sure everyone is kept happy and pleased so you can focus on enjoying your very special occasion to the max. Our expert teams take care of sumptuous ethnic menus to satisfy the most demanding gourmet and serve it up in style at the Royal Palace Banquet Hall. Let our experts take care of flower arrangements, lighting, decorations, DJ, music, photo and video, each carrying our own special royal touch

More than just a venue for celibration