The Significance of Booking a Birthday Party Hall in Vancouver

Birthday parties are full of fun. But you shouldn’t want to deal with the amount of work that comes with planning the birthday party menu, entertainment, and other important details.

If you are looking a venue to host your next birthday party, you could choose from many options. You could have a birthday party at home, on the beach, at a restaurant, or just anywhere you desire. But the ideal option you’ll find a party venue is a birthday party hall in Vancouver. Here are the main reasons why booking a party hall in Vancouver for birthday party makes sense:

You can access to party planners.

Planning a birthday party can be stressful, especially if it’s a milestone party, like an anniversary celebration or a 50th birthday party. However, a professional party planner can help you through the process and can take off some of the burdens to reduce the stress significantly.

You can have ample space to socialize and dance.

If your family members and friends will attend your birthday party, you’ll need to make sure the venue you choose has ample space to host your guests without letting them feeling uncomfortable and cramped. A birthday party hall in Vancouver will make sure your attendees have lots of space to eat, dance, drink and enjoy.

You can let your friends have everything they need.

When you are going to host a birthday party, you’ll need chairs, napkins, tables, linen, dishes, silverware, glasses, and more. You will also require a sound system to make sure your guests keep entertained.

With a birthday party hall in Vancouver, you don’t need to source any of those items as the venue will have all the things you require. In fact, you won’t have to deal with any setup as the party planners will handle them very well.

You won’t worry about the catering facilities.

When you choose a birthday party hall, you’ll take advantage of in-house catering services. It will save you time and effort that you’d spend in preparing meals for your guests or searching for the right catering company in Vancouver.

You will have suitable parking space.

Want to host a large party? If yes, then you are going to need the parking space for your guests. Using a birthday party hall in Vancouver will give you access to the onsite parking facility. This way, your attendees won’t need to circle the block multiple times in search of spots available.

Are you looking to hire a birthday party hall in Vancouver?

The Royal Palace Hall is more than a venue for partying celebrations. It’s the gateway to a memorable experience for you as the host and an unmatched, appealing one for guests. When you choose our venue, you’ll get a roomy birthday party hall in Vancouver, an extensive menu to choose from, and a professional team committed to helping you throw an unforgettable event.

So what are you waiting for? Please get in touch with The Royal Palace Hall to book your birthday party hall in Vancouver today!

Decorate Your Vancouver Reception Hall On A Budget

If you want to decorate your reception hall in Vancouver to make sure that is truly personalized according to your taste as a couple, here is the good news; you don’t have to spend a fortune! Here we have a compiled a list of things you can do to decorate your wedding reception hall in Vancouver without putting a lot of stress on your wallet.

Make the best use of free standing drapes:

Free standing drapes can absolutely transform the look of your venue. You don’t need drilling or fixing, and need very little time to put them up. Furthermore, you’ve a great deal of flexibility when it is about colors & lighting effects, which can effortlessly transition from day to night to develop an absolutely different setting.

A little fabric can go a long way:

Hang fabric overhead for instant impact & wow factor – with least coverage, you can still transform the space from ‘somewhere you rented for the day’ into your own, very personal reception venue.

Use lighting to make a statement:

To get a dramatic effect use a single chandelier, or suspend it outdoors to create a good impression from the moment guests arrive. You can add overhead fairy lights to get that twinkling romantic touch that everybody will love.

Have a focal point:

Go crazy & pick something that truly depicts your theme as a main point for your design. If your overall budget don’t let you to go all out on the whole venue, why don’t you try at least some areas of it? You could put neon lights right behind the top table, a small chill out zone in the style of an after-hours nightclub, a fairy light shower behind the band or a boutique tent as a grand entrance. Whatever you do – try to make a statement.

Keep it simple:

Using an accent color is a simple way to tie the whole look of your day together – you can utilize your selected accent on anything from draping & table settings to buttonholes & bridesmaids dresses. It is the easiest way to make a sold theme & will look great in photos.


To book the best reception hall in Vancouver look no further than Royal Palace Hall. Make your reception a memorable affair for your guests and yourself by booking the best reception halls in Vancouver in advance. For any help or inquiry, reach us at 604-723-4800.

Main Components For Planning A Fat Corporate Event

If you  belong to the corporate world, you would  know the  importance of  corporate events. Most corporate houses will celebrate their success and plan out for next year  with  such  events. Additionally, they also rectify their plan and vision, that trigger inspiration to the employees. If you will  closely look  into  the success story of any business, you will come to the conclusion that, proper co-ordination between  different departments and a great understanding between employees are the keys  to propel the business towards its destination. Apart from it, to owe clients, to respect best performers, corporate houses always arrange various events. To organize these events, venue is the most important thing to keep in mind.

Important things to keep in mind for corporate events

Vancouver is known as the home to the huge number of world class companies. Its business friendly environment, helps them to properly manage their business conglomerate around the globe. Most of them are engaged with more than single business. This is the obvious reason, you can find fat corporate events in  each single day in Vancouver. While planning the event, the venue plays the modest role in order to provide an excellent experience for the guests along with the employees.

Hiring corporate events hall in Vancouver, will allow to personalize your corporate event according to your choice. Some hotels also provide this service, but if you’ll compare their standard of service, they probably won’t win. If there is any bad weather issue, you can also change that venue to safe place.

Everything depends upon your budget and if you have a thin budget, certainly, you can’t hire any hall those charges more. You need to make sure that, the venue you have chosen,  is offering the best value in city by meeting your requirements. Before going to do those things, you need to properly check all the facilities, you are going to avail with the venue. Most of the venues offer to hire exclusive services and able to cater a package which will suit you very well. While you are discussing all your needs, you should openly express about your budget and the service you want within it.

Apart from that, the space, that is going to play the important role in hosting your guests, need to  be soothing enough to handle them along with their vehicles. There should bee huge dedicated space for their vehicles where they will feel free to park. Eyeing  all these things will help you to choose the right venue for your upcoming event.

8 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Social Event Venue In Vancouver

Probably the most crucial decision an event planner can make is about the Social Events Hall, which allures all attention with its amazing décor, arrangement, wine and dines and party atmosphere! No doubt, entertainment,and cuisine are also crucial aspects, but it’s the venue that sets the scene. If you are looking for a social event hall in Vancouver for your upcoming special events, here are a few things you want to mull over:

Budget: Budget is always going to be the most crucial factor when choosing a venue for your social event. Nonetheless, the price of renting out the venue should fit your budget.

Space specifications: This’d include things such as space/room capacity (including exhibitor and lobby space if you’re planning a convention or meeting; load in/out amenities; and technical capabilities (like electrical, lighting, A/v, etc.).

Travel convenience: The location of the venue should be conveniently placed for your attendees & within a reasonable proximity; otherwise your event attendance may suffer.

Parking & nearness to transportation options: On-site or close by parking options for your guests are crucial. Moreover, proximity to airports & public transit is also vital if you’ve several guests who are not driving their own vehicle to the event. These are quite a necessary element for any social event hall in Vancouver.

Vendor limitations: Some event venues in Vancouver have a list of exclusive vendors that they’ll let to do work in their venue, it is good to ensure if you’re employing outside vendors that you can bring them into the venue & the venue will work alongside them without any objection.

Layout: Even though you will be finding your venue early in the event planning process, you will still wish to have a rough idea of what kind of activities you will be including, the amenities you will need, and the requirements of your team & attendees. While shortlisting your selection, acquire an illustration floor plan of each venue, and walk through your favorite at least once, making notes of crucial things such as where the outlets are & where AV equipment is or can be placed.

Accessible for people with disabilities: This’d include elevators, ramps and other facilities for guests with physical disabilities and also elderly guests who are not as mobile.

Top-notch customer service: Not just does the social event hall in Vancouver should be responsive to your requirements before the event, but it also needs to have sufficient support staff on-site all through the event to react to the needs &the request of your attendees.

The Royal Palace Hall is the ultimate if you are looking for the best social event hall in Vancouver. Our event hall is ideal for all kinds of social events including weddings, anniversaries, graduations & proms, birthdays, fundraising, etc. For any help, call us on 604-723-4800.

Check why to choose Banquet Hall for your next Wedding in Vancouver

Are you planning an event such as a wedding reception, a charity fundraiser, or corporate event or more? The choice of venue is crucial to its success! If you want your event to be truly successful, you must call the best venue possible. Banquet Halls is an acceptable idea to host a wedding or party these days in Vancouver. There are numerous reasons for having a reputable hired venue to host your event.So how to choose a good Banquet Hall in Vancouver!

Capacity- The size of a venue decided must have a distinctive impact on the success of any event. If you choose a hall that is too small, it may overcrowd and your guests may feel uncomfortable and just the reverse will happen when the hall is very big. Better to consider the guest list, who will be attending the event and decide the hall that best suits the size of your party. Banquet Hall in Vancouver has ample of versatile space that works well for all kind of events, themes,and colors.

Classy Interior – The interiors of the venue you choose should be clean, modern, and decorative. Better venues will definitely leave an inspiring impression on your guests. Banquet Hall in Vancouver must have a well-designed floor plan, good surroundings, lawn and front view to make a perfect ambiance and positive look. The decorative touch in the Banquet Hall definitely transforms your event venue as if it is a dream venue for your desire.

Amenities – Top rated venues provide basic amenities like decorative tables and chairs draped in fine linens, ceiling hanging, dining facility, and basic decorations and much more depending on the nature of your event. Check to ensure that the venue offers ample parking space, and clean restrooms, audiovisual equipment, charging stations, free Wi-Fi and much more. Apart from this Event planning, flower arrangements, lighting, decorations, DJ, firecrackers, magic shows, dancers, music, photo,and video gives a royal touch to your wedding.

Location – The vital thing to be considered for a best Banquet Hall venue is the location. Look for a venue that is centrally located, with plenty of access from around the city. Better to find venues located on the outskirts of town, well appointed, and available at a great price. Before you jump for your booking, think about your guests. The Banquet Hall in Vancouver is easy to find, comfortable to reach by the guest’s hens guests might never prefer to avoid the occasion.


If you are planning a memorable event it is worth to look for Royal Palace Hall the best wedding venue in Vancouver. We are always with you and elevate all the stress that comes with planning your dream event. Enjoy your day and let us transform your Banquet Hall venue a place for fairy-tale!Contact us on and we will assure you to make your event memorable of a lifetime!

6 Innovative Ways for Wedding Party Decoration in Vancouver

Party Decoration Vancouver

No wedding seems truly exceptional without wedding decoration. No matter whether you want it to be simple or complex, your wedding will be magical, once-in-a-lifetime celebration you’ve always dreamed of.

A wedding party decoration in Vancouver doesn’t come easy as it deserves lots of thought and deliberate preparation. So, before you go out, scout your decoration and equip yourself with some basic knowledge.

Go through the ones discussed below and make sure to not miss any spots:

Centerpieces: – Centerpieces are must for wedding décor. There’s no need to be so extravagant; you can go for simple ones like flowers in glass jars can work very well.

With beautiful centerpieces in the proper place, your guests will feel appreciated and imagine how lovely everything will look at the end!

Lighting: – Lighting is an important aspect for wedding party decoration in Vancouver. Proper lighting enhances the ambiance of the entire venue and makes each and every detail look alive.

After all, there’re no such limitations for creativity and imagination.Try to add a personalized touch to your wedding day lighting to make it look incredible.

Table Setting: – Table settings are particularly important for sit-down dinner. After you’ve arranged to seat for your guests, make sure that they have beautifully decorated table settings readily waiting in front of them.

Floral Décor: – When talking about weddings and decorations, it’s almost certain that you’d add flowers to decorate your venue. You should choose flowers carefully to use on your wedding day and consult the types and placement of the flowers with your florist.

Your Place Settings: – Once your guests find their tables, add something extra to their place settings. Along with a personalized menu, you can add a sweet burlap sack with your initials and wedding date to keep the utensils in place.

After all, it’s your wedding and feels unique to keep the wonderful little keepsake bag for your guests to take with them.

Your Wedding Cake: – Choose a unique cake flavor and design to make your wedding fully personalized as per your tastes and desires. You can add a finishing touch to a flower and cake topper to make your cake one-of-its-kind.

When choosing a cake topper, find something that matches your wedding style as there’re so many lovely options to choose from – from initials to phrases and everything in between.

Conclusion –

Wedding party decorations can be the perfect way to infuse your character and personality to your wedding. The more ways you can find to personalize your wedding, the more your guests will feel special about you.

It’s highly suggested to set the tone and mood of your wedding by getting the party decoration in Vancouver done through Royal Palace Hall. We use creative ideas and imaginations at a top speed to give beautiful memories,making your dream into reality.

7 Things to Look for in A Reception Hall in Coquitlam

Just after getting engaged you not only expect to have lots of well-wishes, but also the usual questions of where and when. It is not easy to answer as to where and when your wedding reception will take place in Coquitlam. You can sense irrational to select your wedding reception hall without even matching it with the wedding planning details. Since there are an infinite number of options available in reception halls in Coquitlam, you need to consider a few important things before going ahead and finalizing the space. Choosing a reception hall may seem like a decision made to your preference only, but actually, there is far more consideration than that. 

Apart from the feeling of finding “the perfect one,” there are so many factors that you will have to look for in a wedding reception hall in Coquitlam. If you want to make your wedding reception a dream event, you should think of booking a hall with a magical touch, accent on catering & decoration service, customer satisfaction, etc. After keeping ready with all the details such as guest list, theme, and budget, you can consider the following things to select a perfect reception hall in Coquitlam for your wedding.

Impressive Location

The location of your wedding reception hall in Coquitlam should be impressive and convenient. Make sure it is nearby the suburban city and takes not more than an hour’s drive for your guest to reach.

Perfect Size

Is the reception hall large enough to accommodate everyone invited to the party? How much space do you actually need to work out your wedding reception themes? From guests, DJ and floral decorations to dining, you need a lot of room in the reception hall in Coquitlam to manage them all. Be sure, you have chosen a reception hall in the desired size that would make everyone feel comfortable at the reception.

Availability on the Scheduled Date

Nothing can spoil your wedding reception plan like discovering that the hall is already booked on the scheduled date and you are left with no option than to delay your reception party as another function is going to be held on the same day at the same place. So, check for the availability of the reception hall on your reception date.

Great Comfort

Your guests should neither feel sweaty nor freeze in your wedding reception in Coquitlam. If the reception hall has air condition, mood lifting lighting, and ventilation, then it would be highly advantageous. Your guest will feel comfortable and enjoy every moment of the reception.

Gorgeous Décor

The ambiance and look of your wedding reception hall in Coquitlam should match with your reception theme. Some of the halls are found to be complex and not accommodating your reception plan in any way. So, go for a reception hall that looks impressive, has modern facilities and is flexible in maintaining the décor the way you want for your reception without much work.

Professional Standard Catering

You need to know in advance whether the wedding reception hall offers professional catering services or not. It will definitely take away the tension of catering as an expert team will be available to cook and serve sumptuous ethnic menus in style, satisfying every taste bud.

Best Entertainment

Your reception hall in Coquitlam should be ready to go to any extent to make your reception highly enjoyable and entertaining. From flowers, gifts, cake, and DJ to firecrackers, it should have every option make the party rock like nothing. 

You need to consider all the above factors to find the most fitting reception hall in Coquitlam, or you can directly book our Royal Palace Hall to make your reception a dream event. We have the perfect reception hall to add that touch of style & splendor required to lift the standard of your event beyond the ordinary. To impress your guests and enjoy the most with a wonderful party experience, consider booking the reception hall in Coquitlam of Royal Palace Hall now. Contact us at 604-521-6969 to know about our reception hall rental price!

What are the Advantages of Choosing Birthday Party Hall in Coquitlam?

Are you planning to host a birthday party? How about booking a birthday party hall in Coquitlam? When planning a birthday party, the first thing you need to do is book a right party hall or banquet hall. Do you know!! Choosing the right party hall helps in deciding the success of your birthday party event. If you want to enjoy your party and have the utmost fun, then make sure to book an elegant birthday party hall.

You can host any type of private event like birthday party or wedding ceremony/reception without any hassles by booking a party hall or banquet hall in Coquitlam. By booking a banquet hall or party hall, you will get reliable services like exclusive catering options, decoration, entertainment and much more. It can be said that booking a birthday party hall or banquet hall in Coquitlam will prove to be a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Here are the great advantages of choosing an elegant party hall for hosting a birthday in Coquitlam, please have a loo

Enjoy the Assistance of Highly Experienced Staff:

The best thing about choosing a birthday party hall is the highly experienced and knowledgeable staff who have the expertise delivering the highest standard of event management services. No doubt, experienced staff is the key to good event management. The assistance of experienced staff will make your special event successful. An exquisite Birthday Party Hall with well-trained and skilled staff will help in organizing the event by fulfilling all your event management needs in Coquitlam.

Get Exceptional Catering Services:

Every party’s or event’s success depends on the food served. In this case, it is important for you to have the best catering service. Booking a party hall or banquet hall in Coquitlam that offers exclusive catering services will give you peace of mind. The expert in-house catering team at the party hall will listen to your requirement and customize the menu as per your requirement. This will ensure that the best menu is served to your guest.

Creative Hall Decoration Ideas and Setup:

By choosing a Birthday Party Hall in Coquitlam that has a talented team of decorators, you will get the most impressive decoration for your event. The expert in-house decorators will beautify the venue according to your preference and set up a professional and creative theme that is well-suited to the event. The expert team of decorators will efficiently work to achieve your complete satisfaction as per the requirement and budget.

State-of-the-Art Amenities:

An elegant birthday party hall that has state-of-the-art amenities like fully air-conditioning facility, comfortable seating options, perfect lighting and much more proves to be the best. This ensures in making your guests feel comfortable and happy during the event.

Booking a Birthday Party Hall or banquet hall in Coquitlam for hosting your birthday will prove to be cost-effective by providing you comprehensive services like catering, decoration and event management. If you want to book a birthday party hall in Coquitlam, consider The Royal Palace. If you along with your friends want to have pure enjoyment and sheer fun, then book our birthday party hall to give your party a nitro boost.

Allow us to make your birthday a memorable and enjoyable event!

To book the party hall and talk with our event manager, please contact us today at 604-723-4800 or send an email:!

What should you know about Wedding Decoration in Vancouver?

Having your wedding decorations done in the proper fashion can turn this special, once-in-a-lifetime event into a magical celebration. It takes a lot of thought and deliberate preparation to get a wonderful decoration for your wedding reception. If you want to make a huge impact and get the best results, then it will be good to leave your wedding decoration in Vancouver to the professionals. The experienced professionals are aware of the basic wedding decoration elements and they make sure to deliver the best results.

Continue reading “What should you know about Wedding Decoration in Vancouver?”