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Music to Rock Your Party at Royal Palace Banquet Hall

Celebrations pampered to your senses. Food, light, perfume, textures and above all music are the ingredients that add life and soul to a party.

Royal Palace Hall music experts have a compilation of fabulous music of all genres and the DJs handling the music know exactly the track to play to get a party going and then follow it up with selections that will keep you and your guests moving, shaking and dancing for hours on end. If it is a classic, traditional wedding in progress, you get to hear choice passages from classical composers. You can just as well select quiet and cool jazz or thumping rock music as the occasion demands. When you book Royal Palace Hall you have access to choicest music in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam New Westminster.

If you want a live performer, we will arrange one to add an extra touch of class and elegance. You can ask for a solo pianist or a jazz quartet to get your heart strings vibrating and to create the perfect mood to match the happening. For birthday parties and celebrations we have rock groups or a DJ who will set fire and have you rocking and dancing, body and soul. Discuss your preferences and leave it to us to provide food for the soul and life to the party with our music arrangements.

Royal Palace Hall DJs to Set Fire to Your Celebrations

A DJ is central to setting the tone and mood for your reception party, birthday party or just about any celebration. A skilled and expert DJ has his finger on the pulse of the people’s moods and emotions and knows just how to get them up, moving, involved and engaged in a joyous celebration. At Royal Palace Banquet Hall, when you book music and DJ, we make sure we have a live-wire DJ to breathe fire into a party and set it alight, masterminding each move and moment. We offer you the pick of DJs from Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Cdoquitlam and New Westminster to suit the party you plan at the Royal Palace Hall.

We understand your anxieties about each aspect of your celebration at the Royal Palace. When it comes to picking DJs, you can be sure we recommend only experienced, popular and professionals to manage your event and make it a resounding success. We even get you to meet the DJ and discuss your celebration, the tastes of guests you will invite and your music preferences. Graduations, receptions, reunion parties, birthdays or just about any celebration become unforgettable for all time when our professional DJs provide the ultimate in entertainment.