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Catering Hall Par Excellence

Excellence in catering for all guests, while keeping in mind cultural food preferences and cuisines.

If there is one thing people will remember the event for, it is the quality of catering. You may deck out a hall with flowers, have an expensive light show and a music band but nothing impresses as the quality of catering. In this respect, Royal Palace Hall stands out as being one of the best catering halls Burnaby has to offer. In fact, if you look for catering halls in Coquitlam, catering halls in New Westminster, catering halls in Surrey or catering halls in Vancouver, the Royal Palace stands in a class apart for its gourmet food, exceptional beverages and above all, the quality of service which reflects elegance and graciousness

Apart from the quality of foods and quality of services, what sets us apart is our ability to cater to diverse ethnic communities, keeping in mind cultural food preferences according to communities. We have experts in Asian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek, Turkish, Syrian, European, Hindu, Kosher Jew and Muslim Halal foods. Discuss your requirements and let our experts come up with catering solutions that will satisfy even the most demanding of gourmets. With years of expertise and knowledge we fine tune catering hall services to give you the most for your money and impress your guests to no end.