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Royal Weddings at Royal Palace Banquet Hall

A wedding is an event you strive to make memorable, for yourself and for your guests

Among other things, the venue itself contributes a lot to the pomp and pageantry of the occasion. If you wish your wedding to be a gala event that people will remember and talk about for days, the best wedding hall is Royal Palace Banquet Hall, one of the best wedding halls that Burnaby has to offer. Even if you are located in the surrounding areas of Coquitlam, New Westminster or are located in Vancouver itself, consider the Royal Palace Hall before you even think of country clubs, golf clubs, restaurants, other banquet halls or gardens to celebrate your coming together for life.

The Royal Palace Hall was first and foremost created with weddings in mind. From the gorgeous approach road to the vast parking spaces; from the imposing façade that serves as the backdrop to gorgeous photography to the magnificent hall and open spaces, we have spared no effort to make it the classiest of classy wedding halls but at a surprisingly affordable cost. By all means, try and find wedding halls in the surrounding areas but you will eventually choose the Royal Palace because we go the extra mile to make your wedding the happiest event ever. Phone and find out our remarkable range of wedding hall services.